I believe in Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
It happens in reality. It really does.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Crumbled

I opened my eyes and noticed that you were no longer by my side.
I lifted my body and got up from the bed. I then gathered all my power and finally stood up. Expecting a miracle, I called up your name but got nothing.

I suddenly thought about a song by Rod Steward, and tried to believe that by closing my eyes, I would find you. But you didn't show up. And I felt dumb.

Walking a few miles away from my house, I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping that you would hear it somehow. Till I was out of breath, and collapsed. All I had in my mind was you. And one more thing, I believe it was when everyone's thinking not to open his eyes to wake up.

In my unconsciousness, I saw you. You pulled me up and carried me all the way home. I could smell your body in my sleep. I was sure that it was you, though my eyes were not widely opened.

I knew you were here.
Your muscles, your palms, your breath.
Your lips.
Your heartbeat.
And the thing is, I could feel warmth, considering it was a cold damp night.

All of a sudden, I heard you calling out my name in my ears. I could feel your breath in your whispering voice. All I wanted to do was open my eyes widely as I had a smile on my face.

Then I did open my eyes and all I could see was my body, lying on the ground, a few miles away from home.
You were gone.

But the scent of your body was still scattered around the air.

I finally had my power. I got up and felt my bones creaking.
I was broken into pieces, wishing you were here.

I crumbled.

I cried but had no tears.
I crumbled.