I believe in Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
It happens in reality. It really does.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Is Happening?

I need warmth

I'm so sorry for this weird post. I have no idea for what is going on. I've been distracted lately. I really hate the loneliness, the mood swings, the sorrow, and all that stuff. Some things have brought me down, and I've been dying to pull myself up. But I guess it'll be better to think positive and let those things fly away. I wanna have fun, I'm sure I'll be good.

Going to Jazz Goes To Campus with Melisa and Angel.
Bye folks! :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Some other photos of my school life :)

Congratulations Tassha for what you've got! Hahaha

I have no idea for what Nydia has done to her hair

We're in one group for the babe (barang bekas) project

I love my class very much!

I'm so glad to see happiness.
I am so happy.

Anyway, my second brother has been blackberried. So, 4 of 5 members of my family are using Blackberry now. My dad, my mom, and my brothers. Whoa.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Sometimes it seems too hard for me. Sometimes I need a friend. Sometimes I need warmth. Sometimes I need a person to lean on. Sometimes I need supporters. Sometimes I need to be loved. Sometimes I need to be cared. Sometimes I feel too weak. Sometimes I need someone to talk to. Sometimes I need to be hugged. Sometimes I need someone who won't let me down. Sometimes I want to be protected. Sometimes I want to feel that I am the luckiest person in the world. Sometimes I need someone who'll wipe my tears.

Sometimes, I need you.


I went for New Moon today with Tassha, Tannia, and Marcia. Hmm, it wasn't disappointing at all, much more interesting than Twilight. But I couldn't trust my eyes that Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen) was not good at all. His pale skin, his body, and all about him. It was just weird.

And Taylor Lautner (as Jacob Black),


He has got the looks, the perfect body, the perfect tanned skin, and oh my.. I adore him. I've been admiring him since I watched Twilight. And he reminded me of Oliver James. They both look alike. Hahaha.
I wish I had someone like him, in reality. I want to feel the warmth. Hahaha never mind.

After hanging out in Ex with some friends, I had my dinner in The Ubud with my family and my grandma. It was fun. The food was fascinating. Today was great! Hahaha. Anyway, I am having my german test tomorrow. Wish me luck, folks!

I Like Colors More Than Colours

Look at what my brother had bought.

And you know what, yesterday I dreamed that I was blackberried. It happened twice.

before seeing these pics, you can click on this and this

using the yellow one

the purple one

the red one, i don't really like this one because it looks too hot

i love the yellow one. in fact i also used orange but i forgot which photo it is

i'm sure you know what color it is

using a yellow glass cap (?)

having a photo-shoot with my grover


one bad thing about being a photographer is that we can barely see ourselves in a photo.

Weight Gaining


Cheese :)

Hot Indian Tea, suitable with the weather

I love to eat.
I love to drink.

I really have to gain my weight.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dan Kemudian

Dan kemudian saya tenggelam di dalam lautan dengan sepuluh kali lipat kadar garam normal air laut. Dan kemudian saya mencoba menggerakan kedua tangan saya. Dan kemudian posisi saya tidak berpindah, sekitar 3 meter dibawah permukaan laut. Dan kemudian saya gerakan kedua kaki saya bersamaan dengan kedua tangan saya. Dan kemudian saya malah semakin tenggelam. Dan kemudian saya melihat ada ikan hiu datang. Dan kemudian saya gerakan seluruh anggota tubuh saya, bukan hanya tangan dan kaki. Dan kemudian saya panik. Dan kemudian tidak ada satu pun orang yang menolong, bodoh, ini kan di lautan. Dan kemudian saya tetap tidak bisa naik ke permukaan. Dan kemudian saya pejamkan mata saya. Dan kemudian saya merasa haus. Dan kemudian saya minum air laut, entah sengaja maupun tidak sengaja. Dan kemudian saya merasakan rasa asin seperti rasa tumisan yang dibuat oleh orang yang ingin cepat kawin. Dan kemudian saya minum lagi. Dan kemudian ikan hiunya makin dekat. Dan kemudian saya menangis, entah air apa itu. Dan kemudian saya berteriak, tetapi malah air laut masuk lagi. Dan kemudian saya menelannya. Dan kemudian garamnya terasa sepuluh kali lipat lebih asin. Dan kemudian saya mulai berpikir lautan apakah ini. Dan kemudian ikan hiunya tambah dekat lagi. Dan kemudian saya menggerakan semua anggota tubuh saya lagi. Dan kemudian saya menggerakan semua anggota tubuh saya lagi, lebih keras lagi. Dan kemudian saya menggerakan semua anggota tubuh saya lebih kuat lagi.

Dan kemudian saya naik ke permukaan.
Dan kemudian...

Saya mati.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Latte Art
I must learn how to do it someday. I surely have to.

Some articles to read:
this, this, and this


I am not friendless, pals!

Say hello to my best friend (her name is Nameless). I can take her anywhere and anytime I want. She won't refuse because she's only mine. I can even tell her to sound like whatever I want. Amazing, right?


But now she's sick. I can't tell her to make some sound anymore. She's still with me, sitting quieltly.


You might think I am nuts.
You know what, I'm trying to throw away the sorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I couldn't think of any interesting title. So you see, I was stuck.

Finally, I watched 2012 last Saturday (late, huh?). Yeaa, I give the movie 8 out of 10. Why? There are three points, 1 good point and 2 bad points. The good thing is that I can see the meaning of the movie. The president who sacrificed his life and decided to stay in Washington D. C. I also like Adrian and Laura who were involved in helping the people. Then, the first bad point is that there are some parts which seemed really fake. Like, the earthquake and all that stuff. Second, I keep asking questions why it was so easy for people to survive. Yeah, a bit over-imaginative.

But another thing is, I have no idea why some organizations in Indonesia said (in public) that this movie was not supposed to be shown in cinemas. What the hell are they thinking about? The movie 2012 was just people' creativity, is it wrong? I really have no idea why it quite becomes a controversy here.

And anyway guys, after watching 2012, I went to Pisa Cafe with my parents. Just to have some coffee and look for some fresh air.

Oh yea there was an acoustic band, and you know what, I embarrassed myself again (hahahaha ask me to find out)

Alright folks, see ya!


Me and Regina in the German Class

Feby and Melisa in the German Class

Melisa in the German Class

Feby, me, and Regina in the German Class

Alice and Tassha in the German Class

Alice, Tassha, Me, Regina, and Feby up there, in the German class

Nydia, waiting for our cars together after debate class

Saturday, 21st of November '09

Yesterday I was really ticked off because there was a problem with blogger so I couldn't post anything. Shit. But yea never mind. Hahaha. Anyway these are some photos I took at school. Having fun with good friends, laughing, fooling around, chatting, sharing thoughts, and many more. I love school, and the first reason is because I am not friendless at all :)

I feel alive.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Caffeinated Life

Hidup itu bagaikan secangkir kopi.
Mungkin pahit.
Diberi gula, kemudian diaduk.

Terkadang gulanya masih belum larut,
karena asal-asalan mengaduk.

Jadi, tetap pahit


Tetapi, rasa pahit membuat secangkir kopi itu menarik
Demikian pula dengan hidup

Friday, November 20, 2009

Belakangan Ini Bagian Kedua

These days seem awful. Yes, that is so true.

Belakangan ini, kalau diperhatikan, orang-orang sedih. Orang-orang terlihat tidak bisa menikmati hidupnya masing-masing. Kasihan ya dunia. Membuat bingung. Terkadang orang-orang itu tertawa cekikikan sampai jungkir balik. Terkadang mereka menangis sampai pingsan. Kenapa seperti itu?

Apalagi sekarang. Terlalu banyak yang sedih. Terlalu banyak yang terpuruk. Terlalu banyak yang tidak bersemangat. Terlalu banyak yang tidak bahagia.
Lalu bagaimana? Dibiarkan saja?

Mungkin tidak enak rasanya melihat itu semua, mendengar itu semua. Ya, wajar. Namanya juga manusia.
Semoga manusia bahagia.

: )

Semoga kita bahagia.


I went out with mom today. Going to Excelso to have Lemon Butter Dorry (Tannia's recommendation) and coffee (it's a must).

Lemon Butter Dorry, amazing!

We ordered Kopi Luwak. But apparently there's another coffee shop which might have a more spectacular (this word seems 'too much') Kopi Luwak. But the one in Excelso tastes great, quite strong.

My mom isn't really fond of caffeine. So she ordered hot lemon tea.

Hahaha look at my eyes!

Le café est ma passion :)

And why did I pick that title?
Yes, the coffee.

Anyway guys, I'm really enjoying the rain these days.
And also the cool weather.
How about you?

sorry, bad images. using my mom's javelin.

Photo of The Day, 222

Tannia Meyana and Febyane Budimuljono

I have no idea why I really love taking photos.
And I also have no idea why I really love blogging, this is my 222nd post.

Bon Anniversaire, Père!


He's now 55
I wish you a long and a happy life
I love you dad :)

Anyway, my mom was talking with my brother on the phone. He just congratulated my dad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



please give me strength to get through these things

Monday, November 16, 2009

Say Hello To My Best Friend


It's something that's always needed

I need a hug, seriously

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feby The Human & Kermit The Frog


Haha I've got nothing to say

Another Happy Sunday

It was Sunday and there was happiness in it.

Celebrating Alice's birthday :)

We had some stuffs to do in Starbucks before going to Beppu PI

Tannia and Alice in Beppu Plaza Indonesia


And oh anyway, we had a project (magazine) about promoting Indonesia, and Mr John told us to interview some foreigners. Here are some photos. Actually there was another one (my english teacher Raychelle) but I don't have the photos.

Alice, Carolina (Belgium), Rizca

Feby, Bill (Canada), Rizca

Rizca, Sonja (USA), Me

Some of my friends went for 2012 (unfortunately) after I left. Haaa I really wanna watch it!

But I am so happy that now I know how to upload a photo without losing its quality :)

Anyway guys, yesterday was great. School was fun. Debate class wasn't boring at all, and there was too much laughs. On the evening, I went to Gading to meet Ernielly in Dante to have a warm chat. We shared about some things, talking about life, and all that stuff. It was super! Then I had my dinner in Sushi Tei with my family :)