I believe in Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
It happens in reality. It really does.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nobody Cares

Nobody cares about the nature.
Nobody cares about the trees.
Nobody cares about our earth.
Nobody cares.

taken by me,
otw to bali by car

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Her Day

Happy birthday Tassha! (it's your day!) :) Thank you so much for today! The lunch, premiere tickets, and a lift hehehe. We watched Avatar today. Yea yea yea gitu lah. I'm not really into fantasy or imaginative movies.

you're so lucky! :)
15 today, got your blackberry back today, and finally met your lover today hahaha

Natassha Priscillia & Gerry Harlan, taken by me
Gerry's t-shirt, it's Slash! : ()

I wish to take some nice photos of the two of you. Please don't be tooooooo shy :p
Anyway sorry for publishing these photos without your permission. But I'm sure it''ll be okay :) They're just photos, not love notes, love letters, or whatever.

Hmm I got my report card today. Quite happy to see the result :)
I might write less for the next 5-7 days. Going to Bali (again).
And by the way, I'm searching for models! I want to do some photo-shoots, hahaha banyak gaya lo dan.

hari ini yang ultah natasha gitu. Haha.

Yang Lain Libur


lomba membuat pohon natal sekelas, sedang dinilai
(l-r: Bu Pur, Bu Arimbi, Bu Rohambar)

Nydia (kanan) jadi hairstylist

Setelah itu, gue dan Feby ada latihan band. Tapi, kita malah kebanyakan main-main dan foto-foto.
paling bawah: feby, ka-ki: mendy, manda, gue, nina, erin, anggra, taken by kak lintang kalo gak salah

21st of Dec 09

Gue quick-post aja ya. Lagi (agak) sibuk. Hehehe.

Monday, December 21, 2009


can't believe it happened again

Sunday, December 20, 2009


tidak sadarkah kamu bahwa aku sudah menunggu kamu di depan matamu tetapi kamu tidak pernah melihatku ataupun melirikkan matamu ke arahku kamu selalu berpaling dariku padahal aku tepat ada di depanmu tapi kenapa aku selalu tidak bisa memilikimu hah padahal aku dan kamu sama-sama tidak punya siapa-siapa dan sama-sama kesepian tapi kamu tidak pernah menyadari hal itu yang kamu lakukan hanyalah berbacot ria tentang orang lain yang sedang kamu kejar mati-matian supaya mendapat perhatiannya kamu tanya aku bagaimana caranya terkadang kamu bilang kamu kesepian dan terkadang aku juga mengatakan hal yang sama dan juga terkadang cerita yang kita coba bagi bersama itu sama saja dan artinya kita senasib tapi kamu tidak pernah menyadari hal tersebut dan kamu tidak pernah merasa bahwa aku memiliki perasaan yang tidak bisa aku jelaskan dengan cara apapun juga ah aku sebetulnya senang berbincang-bincang denganmu dengan topik apa saja tetapi jika setiap saat kita berbincang-bincang yang dibicarakan hanya itu itu saja lama-lama aku pun muak aku pun sebetulnya sangat ingin menjadi bagian yang lebih darimu bukannya hanya sekedar teman tempat ceplas-ceplos blak-blakan yang kamu bilang sudah kenal lama dan tidak ada malu-malunya lagi bercerita hahaha lucu sekali ya kata-katamu asal kamu tau aku sayang kamu sudah lama sekali lama sekali asal kamu tau.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Rest of The Year

Hey folks! It's almost Christmas. It means 2010 is getting closer too. After exams, we had classmeeting. Then, we had a training program for communication on Wednesday, Thursday, and today (Saturday). I found it really interesting and useful for us.

Let me tell you a bit about it.
So we moved to another class which was wider than our class. So, during the couching, most of us sat on the floor. We had some cool games and watched some movies. We watched I Not Stupid Too on Wednesday (it was sorta dumb but meaningful, a Singaporean movie). Then we also saw Freaky Friday on Thursday. Both of the movie taught us about how important the communication is needed, especially in the family, or between children and their parents.

Yea I forgot to tell you about the facilitators. They were Kak Wonni and Kak Ricci. They presented some materials about communication, such as styles of communication, empathy, and many more. My favorite part was the last lesson. It was about trusting each other. We had a game called Trust Fall. It's difficult to explain how it worked. But I'm sure most of you know about this game. It's like letting yourself fall back, and some of your friends are at your back, ready to save you so you won't get hurt.

During recess, we were just lying on the floor. Then we made this (X-1)! Hahaha.

Tiffany, Rizca, Feby, Alice, Tannia, and Tassha

Feby (you looked pretty here! haha), Kak Wonni, Kak Ricci, Alice

X-1, captured by Angel's mom

Today, our parents (either mom or dad) came to school and gathered with us in our class. We had some chats and discussion, and also games with them. Kak Wonni and Kak Ricci also gave chance for us who wanted to say something, especially about communication between parents and their kids. We (the students) also did some presentations about what we have learned these 3 days.

And the cute thing was, we (the students) had to bring some presents (I think it's a kinda appreciation) for our parents. Then our parents wrote us letters there.

Tannia and her dad, and her present for her dad (so cute)

Above is my present for my mom. A photo, yes. Hahaha. Does it look abstract? If you don't understand, actually it's about parents' love which is very strong. So I made two LOVEs. Then I spilled out the water. The first one is my parents' love, it's not fading out. But the other love, it's gone. What sorta love is it?
Yea it's quite difficult to understand but it's all that I could make for my mom.

I bet we'd get lots of advantages from this activity. It's a good thing to fill spare time in the rest of this year. Okay then, bye folks!

Friday, December 18, 2009


It's a keeping for the lonely
Since the day that you were gone
Why did you leave me?

Westlife - Soledad

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Can't I Be Yours?

Hari ini, saya merayakan hari pertemuan pertama kita,
pertemuan tiga tahun lalu.

An old photo
Location: Taman Prasasti
Models: Jenny and Sofyan

Anyway, this is my 250th post.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Bagi saya, salah satu kerugian menjadi tukang foto ialah saya sedikit difoto. Kurang lebih 95% adalah foto orang lain. Tapi, tidak apa-apa.

before we lost our urat malu (boyband: tannia, me, feby, alice, stefi)

tannia, i have to admit that you look really cool here

kaos 10-6, bagus ya

be mine

shasha, you're great! :)

10-1 (belum semua) after playing softball (you won't find me there haha)

Walaupun saya (sok) sibuk foto-foto,
walaupun foto saya cuma 5% dari foto-foto itu,
walaupun panas (tidak penting),
hari ini seru!

Asiknya, kelas-kelas di satu angkatan saling dukung. Jadi rame, hehe.
Ah, rindu deh sama sembilan satu di dadaku. Sepuluh satu belum di dada nih, hahaha.

Monday, December 14, 2009


"I don't care about what people think about us.
I just want you forever.
That's enough."

anyway I've asked for permission to publish this photo

Teriak, Lompat, Tertawa

Alice, Tannia, and Jesslyn

Jesslyn, her head was on the glove hahaha

Me, taken by Feby :)

Kami sepuluh satu
Kami hanyalah satu
Kami slalu bersatu
Tuk jadi nomor satu
Pak Panji(wali kelas 10-1) slalu
Berkata kepadaku
Pantang mundur dan tetaplah maju

Walaupun nggak segila sembilan satu, sepuluh satu juga asik banget kok :)

Classsmeeting, 14 Dec '09 (first day)
Foto besok menyusul (ya iyalah ya -_-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hukum Gossen I

"Jika pemuas suatu benda berlangsung terus menerus, kenikmatan mula-mula mencapai kepuasan tertinggi. Namun makin lama makin turun, sampai mencapai titik nol."

Kamu si konsumen.
Saya adalah bendanya.

Sejak saat mencapai titik nol, saya kehilangan semuanya.

Anyway, a ton of thanks to Uun who brightens up this gloomy day :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Not Too Late For Coffee

Some people made it and uploaded it to youtube. I found it really sweet hehe.

And actually I don't really know which the original video is. But I guess this one is also cute.

One of my friends told me, "this song reminds me of you!" :)

Best Words: "Cheer Up Pals!"

Bagian Ipang gue bilang paling keren! Haha. Semangat!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey guys, I just want to say hi in this short post hahaha. Still have to fight for exams till next Friday. Then on Saturday, I can do whatever I want. Hahahaha. Although there are lots of things to learn for this exams, I don't really feel like studying. I mean, it doesn't really stress me out. Unlike my friends, I feel so good instead of freaking out. Okay, that's all about school.

I'm planning to do something fun after exams. Going out with Eli and some friends, meeting some old friends, having some photo-shoots, and all that stuff. Hehehe.

Wish me luck for exams! And, good luck folks! Don't take it too much. Study hard, but not too much :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Younger Years

Hey folks, it's my third post for today. Hahaha I'm sorry for writing too often. Yea, so like I've said before, I was planning to go to a concert. It's called Tribute To Legends, held in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. There were performances from some singers who usually sing at cafes, restaurants and all that stuff. So they brought oldies songs which used to be so famous in the 50's-70's (if I'm not mistaken).

Some of them are my dad's friends. He first met them in some cafes and restaurants. And you know what, they're not just like some regular singers. I saw 2 of them performing at a cafe, and they were awesome.

And here are some photos. But I didn't upload all of them (all of the singers), too many! And I apologize for my bad pics. Taking stage-photos is not easy.
It was my first time to visit GKJ, hahaha

The Legend Big Band

George Laisina, sound of Frank Sinatra

Sis, sound of Matt Monroe

Imelda, sound of Doris Day
I saw her performing once before

Noenoe Poernomo, sound of Tom Jones

Baginda, sound of Engelbert Humperdink (look at his palm!)

Dancers from UI

The Four Brothers (or what, I forgot)

Santo, sound of Nat King Cole (this is not his Nat-King-Cole-like performance)

Then finally, Johnny Kiliaan, sound of Elvis Presley.
I saw him performing once before. Though he doesn't really look like Elvis, but when his voice comes out, you will feel like watching the real Elvis in the 50's-70's.

The ambassador of America was there too. He said that the shows made him homesick.

my mom and my dad, and some singers my dad have known

Johnny Kiliaan and his daughter, with my dad and me

You know what, I felt like 25 years older that day. Because I guess I was the only 15-year-old girl there. Most of the people who came were about 30 years and above (I don't know if there were some young people also). Haha whatever. I think this concert was amazing. I realized that we have to appreciate some talented singers who are not famous. And I know that those oldies are so meaningful to the people, it reminded them about their younger years, about their childhood, their families, their first love, and all that stuff.

Yea it was interesting! Luckily I was allowed to take pics though they informed (before the show) that taking pics was prohibited.

Okay folks, tomorrow is a holiday. But on the next day (Saturday), exams will be started. Haaaa wish me luck! Bye!

Pathetic, Isn't It?

Yes, most of them

Then you can see nowadays,
See this verb I've written on the floor.

I rubbed against it easily.

Then I spilled out the water.
It's gone. You have to write it again.
It means that love is too easy to be vanished these days. Can we write it again? Sure. We need to write it again and prevent the loss of love by creating it permanently. So it will always stay there.

Life seems to become colder. We need warmth.
Why don't we just share the blanket with others?

Insom Nih Ya Part Three

Yes, coffee. I had a cup of coffee to keep my eyes wide-awake because I had to make some assignments and I was so sleepy that time. But usually coffee doesn't really work (because I have it too often), but it really worked that night.


I couldn't sleep so I decided to take some pictures in my room. Actually I was supposed to study Biology (I wanted to study for final exams on Saturday, planning to nyicil) but I was too lazy and another reason was that taking pictures is much more exciting than studying Biology. And anyway you can see the pictures on my next post.


I started studying Biology at about 2 am. But I ended too soon.
Maybe I (don't) have to study Biology

Finally I went to bed at 2.30. And it took more than 30 minutes for me to enter the other world.