I believe in Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
It happens in reality. It really does.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Problem Is Not About My Scores

it's about how people think about my scores.
argh, whatever.

after a long chat with Tannia Meyana, we realized that we don't live only for school. in my list, school is number 8 (of 10). her dream is to save the endangered animals especially dolphins. and me?

it might sound corny but i wish to do something for my country. someday, yea.
i'm tired of watching people blaming the government. i mean, the problem is us. it's not only the government or some particular communities. yea, better talk less and do more like a-mild does. bye.

inspired by a cool chat with tannia meyana
and a fantastic talkshow by gusdur's smallest daughter (inayah) and jaya suprana

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Give Me Warmth, Mr. Camomile

Hey guys. First I want to apologize because there won't be any pics in this post. I've been acting weird lately hahaha.

Yea so today I went out to gading with my new band mates (Ingrid, Ardy, Kevin, and unfortunately Fanie couldn't make it) and Bella too. We gathered at Bengawan Solo coffee at about 3, where I bought a sweet cappuccino and it absolutely tasted weird because they added some kind of hazelnut without asking me first.. The funny thing was I said it was too sweet when Ingrid said it was toooo bitter. We were planning to go for a movie called 'Edge of Darkness'. Luckily Ingrid and Bella had bought the tickets before others came. And actually Bella had to go for her English course, but she did come back and she got into the theater without a ticket, while we were in the middle of the movie. Then yea she found a seat next to Ingrid.

We had fun, didn't we? After watching 'Edge of Darkness' (I won't write about the movie here, I guess you'd better watch it not reading reviews), we went for dinner. It was a blast, because we did laughing and all that stuffs. Also talking about soooo many things, including ghosts, the other world. We also shared about our thoughts. It was totally fun! Why? Because It's been so long since I had some warm chats with pals.

At about 8.30, my mom called and said I had to end our chats quickly. Then I went to meet my mom and my bro, she said my bro wanted to have some meals before we went home. So we did accompany him. At that time, I started to feel my body was aching so bad. I don't know why but I guess it was because I wasn't into hanging aroung the mall and all that stuffs hahaha.

Guess what, I'm freezing right now. It's raining heavily outside. I didn't even turn on the AC. So now I'm having my camomile tea. I need a good sleep, trying to remove the black circles under my eyes. Hahaha.

Okay then, it's time for me to go. Bye!

Friday, January 29, 2010

YouTube, Lately

I'm sorry guys I'm publishing videos too often these days. Hehehehe.
This one is just really fabulous. I found some other bands' cartoon version too. Just search it on youtube :)

Gara-gara Perangko

Anyway, acara Perangko adalah acara bertema perdamaian yang diadakan di sekolah saya (SMA St. Ursula) pada hari Sabtu, tanggal 23 Januari 2010 lalu.
Saya baru saja blogwalking. Tadi saya lihat, ada yang menulis tentang polisi-polisi gitu. Jadi, tentang pembagian aparat keamanan di Indonesia. Ada Polri, TNI, Brimob, dan Kopassus. Terus, saya baca deskripsi untuk TNI. Inti isinya begini: TNI tugasnya menjaga keamanan Indonesia dari luar, bisa dari dalam juga. Tapi lebih berhubungan sama keamanan antar Indonesia dengan negara-negara lain. Bedanya sama Polri yang hanya menjaga keamanan secara internal. Lalu katanya, TNI itu lebih dipersiapkan untuk perang.

Dalam pikiran saya, bagaimana mau ada kedamaian kalau buat perang saja dipersiapkan?
Abstrak sih, but don't you guys think that way?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Layaknya Karang Yang Dihempas Sang Ombak

I used to love this song very much.
watching this video will probably make you cry,
or it might remind you of an admirer you never care about.

nanti malam gue bakal update lagi (mungkin)
i'm so sorry, i'm not really in the mood to write now.
but it doesn't mean i'm not in the mood to talk :)
feel free to greet me on msn: dania_iz_here@hotmail.com.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Imagine There's No Heaven, No Hell Below Us

A: "hey do you wanna come with me?"
B: "where are you going?"
A: "i'm going to heaven."
B: "oh sorry. i'm going by car."
A: "same destination?"
B: "no. i'm driving through the highway. to hell."
A: "okay then, i'll walk through the stairs. good luck and don't drive when you're drunk."
B: "haha i'm absolutely not in a hangover. are you sure you don't need a lift? it'll be much more comfortable in the car."
A: "no. it'll be muuuuch more comfortable in heaven. though i'll need to walk through the stairs. i know it's tiring, but i believe it'll end up with a smile after i arrive and meet God."
B: "okay then. it's up to you. we've found our own way. and one more thing, say hi to God, and to the angels, for me. good bye!"

we always have to choose.
how about you? are you A or B?

in the meantime,
C: "i'll stay here. there's only sky above us and i don't believe there's hell below us. i'll stay on earth."

inspired by:
John Lennon - Imagine
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
ACDC - Highway to Hell
and by a conversation with a friend about heaven and hell
about god, and about questions which are too difficult to be answered

Monday, January 25, 2010

In My Mind, In My Heart

there are five words.

I miss my old friends.


What about me?


I live in a island of flightless birds,
She can fly anytime she wants.
I've been dying to make you love me,
She did nothing but you love her.


It's been 37 months and 9 days since the first day I saw you.
It's been too long.
So I guess it's time to move on.
It's time to leave the island of flightless birds.
It's time to fix my wings and learn to fly.

I'll stay far away from you. I'll try.
I wish you guys a long happy life. Goodbye and take care.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Agent Of Peace

Pesan Perdamaian dan Gerakan Sosial
23 Januari 2010
Indah Lestari (penerima tamu)

Bangga sama sekolah saya ini.
Tema program unggulannya benar-benar menarik.
Apalagi tadi ada talkshow: Inayah (putri GusDur yang paling bungsu) dan Jaya Suprana.
Beneran bagus banget.

Greenlite main :)
Ada berbagai lomba. Terutama lomba band yang paling asik.
Garage sale, banyak deh.
Ramai juga.
Ah, seru deh. Hehehehe.

I also went to EX with some friends today. Let see if I can write about it tomorrow :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nama Lengkap Soekarno?

kata seseorang:
"Soekarno Hatta!"

Kafein II

Satu kata: cepat.

Semuanya cepat. Segala-galanya cepat.
Waktu cepat, hari cepat, apapun selalu cepat.
Jantung saya semakin cepat. Berpacu dalam adrenalin.
Napas cepat. Pendek. Seakan tiap milisekon.
Terlalu cepat.

Jantung berdetak cepat. Seakan minta dikejar.
Lalu saya lari makin cepat. Tidak tergapai.
Kamu makin cepat pula. Saya kejar.
Kejar, kejar.
Lebih cepat.
Lebih cepat lagi.
Lebih cepat lagi.


Saya ketinggalan.
Semuanya cepat.
Malam kini cepat pergi.
Bertemu si pagi lagi.

Semua manusia bergerak cepat.
Seakan setiap hari selalu akan terlambat.
Begitu cepat, sehingga tidak punya waktu sarapan.
Tidak punya waktu mencari udara.
Saya dituntut untuk cepat.
Apa saja.
Intinya, cepat.

Kuncinya mungkin hanya cepat, ya.
Sekarang juga, saya harus cepat.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tidak Ada Makhluk Yang Sempurna


mungkin lama-kelamaan warnanya menjadi hitam

Kita adalah tiang-tiang putih
Yang mungkin akan selamanya putih
Tetapi, tidak akan selamanya bersih

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guitar Fever III

and i hope i wouldn't be healed :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4 Thumbs Up!

Click on the picture to get further information

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Caught My Eye


and it's only you who can see what's inside

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Little Pal

For one or two weeks ahead,


I'll take care of this little pal.
Apparently my brother got it for his birthday gift.
But it seems like he won't have enough time to look after this new pal.

I don't feel like having a pet, it keeps us busy AT HOME. Feeding the dog, cleaning its place, and etc. Sometimes it's irritating. Apalagi dia masih 2 bulan, too tiny. But honestly I love dogs very much. I used to visit my neighbor once or twice a week to see her dog, Pedro (Golden Retriever). And now, he's dead :'(, too old.

We're planning to give it to somebody after one or two weeks. To my cousin, or to my uncle.
By the way, her name is Sigi. Hahaha I'm sorry Tannia but she's my brother's, not mine. Wehehehee :)

Tanggal 9-1

akibat berjuang untuk para kuninghitam

91 di mana-mana

91 di dahiku


91 di didadaku
91 kebanggaanku
Kuyakin hari ini pasti menang
Kobarkan semangatmu
Tunjukkan sportivitasmu
Kuyakin hari ini pasti menang

Saya cinta sembilan satu.
Hari ini tanggal sembilan bulan satu.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rindu banget banget!

kelasku, kebanggaanku

photos by melisa and vina,
taken from album in facebook

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hiperbola Repetitif

Saat ini terasa betul milyaran perasaan dalam hati
Saat ini terasa betul ribuan macam pertengkaran dalam kepala
Saat ini terasa betul pikiran yang beragam dan meninggalkan nyeri di setiap ujung tubuh
Saat ini terasa betul konflik yang membakar semua sistem organ
Saat ini terasa betul ada jutaan topik perdebatan dalam otak
Saat ini terasa betul jutaan persoalan yang minta dipecahkan seakan semudah menjatuhkan beling
Saat ini terasa betul api dalam diri
Saat ini terasa betul sejumlah pertanyaan menunggu seperti fakir miskin yang mengantri untuk sembako gratis
Saat ini terasa betul hidup yang mengancam
Saat ini terasa betul irama detak jantung yang semakin cepat lalu tak dapat terhitung lagi
Saat ini terasa betul hujan beserta petir yang siap menyapa kemudian mengambil nyawa tanpa sisa
Saat ini terasa betul perkataan semakin melantur ke mana-mana
Saat ini terasa betul pikiran sudah tidak tahu ke mana
Saat ini terasa betul saya sudah sakit tidak tahu stadium apa lagi

Saat ini terasa betul saya gila



It'll take more than 48 hours for me to see all of them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lihat Yang Paling Kiri

Gue masih suka sama orang-orang Indonesia.
Nggak cuma orang luar doang yang menarik.
Orang Indonesia juga kok.

Gambar 1: pemain 'Jomblo'
(ki-ka) Rizky Hanggono, Dennis Adhiswara, Christian Sugiono, Ringgo Agus Rahman
Gambar 2: Fedi Nuril dan Fauzi Baadila

Kenapa Begitu Sulit?

Today was great. I went for English course (for you who don't know, it's a private course). As usual, we do conversations more often than writing or doing things from books. Apparently I really have to prepare for toefl test. But you know girls lah. It's really hard to stop talking :p

Yea so it'd been almost a month since the last time we met before. So I shared a lot about my holidays in Bali, about school, and some things about friends. There were some parts which made us started to talk about other things like menyimpang gitu. Like while we were talking about food in some places, suddenly we changed our topic. So it became longer, and more interesting for sure. Honestly, I enjoy it very much. I enjoy talking and I really love to share about my life to people. Though not everything. Maybe I just share about my ways of thinking and my opinions about some things. Yea that sort of things.

Then my teacher shared about a thing which happened today and it pissed her off. She told me that she was so terrified. After I understood about it, then I tried to say about my opinions about that case. Though I'm still 15, I always try to be a good listener and try to be responsive. Though I'm still a teenager and my teacher is around 30, she knows that sharing about something to a person will help even just a little.

I found it really interesting. Being a good listener and trying to be responsive. But I still don't understand why people are careless between each other. Pathetic. It's weird. Don't they feel better if they try to share about their life with others, or try to be a good listener? Having a chat for example. Maybe they're too busy. Some of them think that it's not even important at all. It's like, wasting time. Why is it so hard to share? Why is it so hard to listen? Why is it so hard to trust each other? And why is it so hard to get along with others?

There are lots of desperate people out there.
They need company. Love and understandings might help, right?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jadi Ingat Bagaimana Rasanya

Ada yang pernah nonton film Jomblo? Film lama ya hehehe. Pemeran-pemeran utamanya: Ringgo Agus Rahman (Agus), Christian Sugiono (Doni), Rizky Hanggono (Olip), dan Dennis Adhiswara (Bimo). Gue ingetin, film Indonesia banyak juga loh yang bagus. Kalau gue bilang, film Jomblo bisa dibilang salah satunya. Kenapa? Karena menurut gue filmnya punya makna, meaningful gitu.

Bagi yang belum nonton, gue kasih inti dari ceritanya aja. Intinya, mereka berempat itu (Agus, Olip, Doni, dan Bimo) adalah jomblo sejati. Agus, orang yang biasa-biasa aja, yang paling sering jadi 'pencerita' di film itu. Doni, orang yang sering dikejar-kejar cewek, ganteng. Olip, orang yang pendiam dan pengagum salah satu cewek bernama Asri (Rianti Cartwright). Dan Bimo, orang yang agak-agak aneh dan kadang-kadang bisa jadi beda sendiri. Tapi dia itu sahabat yang baik.

Dari mereka berempat, nggak tau kenapa gue paling suka sama karakternya Olip. Jadi, dia ini suka banget sama Asri. Nah, sayangnya dia nggak pernah berani buat berkenalan. Kerjaannya cuma fotoin si Asri pake kamera hpnya. Terus foto-foto itu dicetak dan ditempel di kamarnya. Sampai banyak banget. Suatu hari dia sempat berkenalan dengan Asri, sayangnya tanggapannya bener-bener jauh dari harapan Olip.

Ternyata, Asri udah punya hubungan sama Doni yang ganteng itu. Dari situ, kalian bisa ngerasain nggak sih perasaannya Olip gimana?

kesal karena nggak bisa berbuat apa-apa untuk memadamkan emosi
tau kan bagaimana rasanya?
bisa dilihat kan foto-foto Asri yang terpantul di cermin? dan ada foto-foto 4 lelaki itu

Sedihnya, sebelum Olip tau tentang hubungan Asri dan Doni, pada hari ulang tahun Asri, ia 'merayakan'nya dengan bernyanyi sambil menyalakan lilin di depan foto-foto Asri.

Mungkin kalian perlu menonton sendiri.
Yang jelas, seorang yang pendiam dan tertutup kayak Olip itu terlalu kasihan buat tersakiti kayak gitu. Oke, mungkin gue terlalu terbawa ke dalam filmnya. Tapi di realita juga. Bayangkan saja ya.

Film lain yang perlu ditonton:
Radit Jani. Ada Vino G. Bastian dan Fahrani. Filmnya keren dan mungkin beberapa orang malah bilang filmnya nggak guna dan nggak bermoral. Padahal ceritanya meaningful banget. Bener-bener bermakna.

Tukang Foto

I'm not really good at music though I like it very much,
I guess taking pictures is much easier and more fun, although I'd barely appear on a photo.

captured by om heri
location: tanah lot, bali

Anyway, I'm planning to concern more about the general issues. Or searching for more knowledge. Reading newspaper? I hope I can do that, at least 3-5 times a week. Hahaha. Okay then, bye folks!

A Year Back

Hey guys, I guess I didn't really feel the spirit of new year 4 days back. I was desperate, yeah sort of. Okay it might be a little too late if I still wanna look back and make some lists about what had happened in 2009. But, I still wanna do that. Sometimes looking back helps us to live our life in the present, and think about the future.

So, let's start from the beginning of 2009.
On the 1st of January, I didn't really have a good new year's eve. Got stuck in the traffic jam, fell asleep in the car after watching the fireworks, car's engine off. Oh yea I forgot, I went out with my family that day. Then we went to Kelapa Gading karena udah bingung mau kemana lagi karena nggak mau pulang juga, had some meals. Then, went home at about 2 am. Preparing for my brother's birthday, bought a cake. But the bad thing was, before we got home, his friends had already made a surprise for him, by giving the cake B O W O -shaped. I was very disappointed, although my bro looked surprised, but it was just disappointing. Yea my brother didn't come with us to watch the fireworks and etc. Anyway I know I wasn't supposed to tell too much about the new year. Haha sorry.

Hmm January, I remember on the 2nd of January. Me and some close friends (Melisa, Nirmi, Eli, etc) went for a culinary day out. It was super. I was like, so happy. Hahaha. The other thing I remember is (after I read Shasha's post about 2009) that I got accepted in St. Ursula SHS. Yeah before I was thinking that I wouldn't pass. But see I passed! :) I had been dying while waiting for my name to be called. Number 25 if I'm not mistaken. The other thing is that I started to have more midnight calls with Nirmi and Vina. Haaaa quite miss it :'()

February, I don't really remember what happened in February. The awful Valentine's day same as in 2008, I always hate the loneliness. But yea that's the truth. Oh man I don't even remember a thing. Sorry. Lemme think. I guess, I started to leave my blog in February. There was something that bothered me about my blog so I decided to stop whining. Yea I remember now. There were some try-outs, school started to be tiring.

March? School wasn't really like school anymore. I mean, we rarely studied. We were more into doing some exercises and etc. There were a lot of try-outs too. Then, we had our photo-shoots for year book. Man, gue makin cinta sama 91 waktu itu. Kalau nggak salah, waktu itu juga jamannya we made some kind of 'wave' thingy. I miss 'em.

April, I started writing on my blog again. By erasing all my old posts and trying to control myself, thinking before I write or whine. And also by trying to make it more interesting (I hope :p) I also started to be happier than before. Then I started to be more musical hahahahaha. I mean, played more music and listened to more music than before. The other thing was also I became more addicted to caffeine, and photography (they don't even have hubungannya gitu hahaha). And yeah, of course I had more try-outs in April, then we had our UAN on the 27th-30th. I was sick on the 2nd and the 3rd day, it was awful. But haha I passed :)

In the beginning of May, we had our practical test for a week. Got stressed out because of musikalisasi puisi and some other subjects such as art and science. Then I became 15 on the 13th of May, several days before UAS. Got a new mobile phone from my parents (sombong banget haha). Yea then we had our UAS for three days (18th-20th). And on the 20th we were overjoyed. Junior high school was over. No more books. Then me and Nirmi spent a night in Tannia's house, playing hotel626, ordering mcd, having some warm chats, making some crazy videos, yeaa cool stuffs. I miss that night very much :( On the next day, I flew to Bali with my mom. Haha I went to Bali 2 times this year. Quite boring. Anyway we were free till the 7th of June. OH oh, my friends gave me a guitar with Slash pic on the back for my birthday. I wrote about it on a post in this blog too haha.

On the 2nd of June, I went out with my close friends to celebrate my birthday. Going to some distros in Tebet and had our lunch in Hema. It was a great day. But something bad happened on the next day, a little fight with someone quite made me sick. In June, I also started playing in a band again, but just for while :( pathetic ya. Too many things happened in June. Some sad things, some things which brought me down. But there were some great things too, some lovely things, although it turned out to be bad, I still feel it was sweet. What I remember the most from June is the graduation night on the 20th. OH man, it was great! Though I cried a bit too much, but it was the greatest moment in 2009. Shaking hands with the teachers, hugging with friends, haaaa it was just too sweet to be forgotten. Oh man, I even forgot to write about classmeeting. So we had our classmeeting with 7th and 8th graders too. Hahaha kelas 91ku menang lomba supporter doang, 91 di dadaku. Though we won nothing except supporter contest yang dirahasiain, we were so proud! I love you 91, you'll always be the best!

In July, something weird I never thought before happened to me. It was crazy, seriously. Okay, I also started wearing gray to school on the 18th. At first I was really sad, got separated with some close friends from 91. But getting along with 10-1 quite made me happy :)

August was sad. I started to write unnecessary things on my blog, whining too much. A big thing happened. It was surprising like what happened in July too.

Huh guys, I guess it'd be too long if I keep on writing. I think it's better to skip September until November. Pokoknya, I was really happy, having a class like 10-1 though sometimes I missed 91, but I started to love 10-1 :) Started to laugh freely everyday.

Then December. Had exams in the beginning of the month. Passed well. And also, I started to find my way back into love, hahahahahaha. I started to imagine sweet things, yea it's because of lots of my friends talked about their crush, boyfriends, and etc. Sometimes I was weird, but honestly, I enjoyed December very much :)

It has been 4 days. 361 days left before 2011. Let's make it wonderful. I really look forward into it, making some commitments and promise myself to do some good things. And also, I wanna be happier than before. I always want be happier than before :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Perahu Pisang

(Ki-ka) Saya, Edo, Ara, Viona, Renal, dan Mas Vino pergi olahraga air, lalu menaiki perahu pisang.

kecebur dulu

lalu kepala saya baru muncul


29th of December
All photos captured by Om Heri
Location: Benoa, Bali

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Pulau Dewata Tidak Akan Pernah Mati

29th of Dec '09

captured by me
Location: Klapa, Pecatu, Bali

Anyway, happy 25th birthday to my eldest bro, Achribowo (01-01-10)!


Here are some pictures in Bali. What surprised me was that I met Tannia in the church haha. There were times when I was homesick. Or when I really missed my friends. Haaaaaa I can't say too much. Let the pictures explain about everything. The days, the weather, the places, the people, the feelings, and etc.

But anyway, my skin was burnt. Hahahaha. It was too hot in Bali, except in Bedugul. Yea but I like the hot weather because I want my skin to be tanned. Hahahahaha.

Tanah Lot, lucu ya orang-orang kayak lagi mau ngungsi :p

having fun after sunset in the kuta beach, that's my bro. he's crazyyyy!

Pura Uluwatu, katanya sih ujungnya Bali

Viona dan Naka, di rumah saudara gue :)

yeah finally, another photo with the snake! (in bedugul, damn cold, i was freezing)

foto sama temen gue juga, kelelawar, lucu deh hahaha

In fact we also visited some great places such as GWK, Klapa, etc. Too many pics. Hahaha.

here's my favorite, taken by om heri


I Even Forgot To Say..

Merry Christmas!

Say hello to 2010. I don't speak too much about it. I just think, promise myself to do some good things. 2009 was awesome. I just don't know how to explain about it. A lot of unusual things happened in 2009. Haha.

And the photo above was my new year's eve in Bali with my big family :)

I'm finally home :D ily Jakarta.