I believe in Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
It happens in reality. It really does.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tommy Page

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry
Everyone needs a friend to rely

Will you be there?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Oke Deh Bye (Tannia's Style)

Hey folks, gue baru aja selesai baca buku 'For One More Day' by Mitch Albom. Nanti kapan-kapan gue tulis deh. Lagi males hehe. Terus kemaren gue baru beli buku 'I Played Drums in A Band Called Okay' by Toby Litt. Baru baca dikit banget, soalnya agak sakit mata. Dan kayaknya gue bakal lama bacanya. Udah mulai sekolah lagi sih. Jadi palingan baca malem pas mau tidur doang hahaha.

SOOOOO, gue nggak tau kapan update lagi. Hehehe.
Tapi tenang, gue punya banyak topik yang buat ditulis kok. Jadi nanti postingannya nggak aneh-aneh dan semoga bermanfaat dan bermutu. Hahaha bodoh.

Oke deh bye (tannia's style).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gue Suka Banget Banget :)

first pic: the ramones
second pic: saul hudson (slash)

Anyway, today was super. I went out with Ernielly, Abbey, and Tiffany. We went to Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. It was fun, although I spent too much money hahaha. I enjoyed it even though sekarang backache gue kambuh. We had our lunch in Pasta de Waraku, then went for karaoke in T-rex, Aksara, Kino, etc. We talked about many things. It was a total mind-refreshment. I feel much better now :) Thanks pals, ily!

No More Sad Emoticons

Today, I talked to myself, "hey, you've done something great. Well done!"
My friends are around. I love you pals, and I'll always do :)
Take care.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I just came back from Pelabuhan Ratu. Wooooh I am sooo tired. My back hurts so much. My eyes feel so heavy. Pain is running through my body. I can feel my heartbeat is getting faster. And, I feel breathless. I am exhausted, seriously.

So we left Jakarta at about 7 and reached Pelabuhan Ratu at about 1 pm. It took a quite long time because we stopped and had our lunch at about 11.30 am.
Pelabuhan Ratu wasn't as nice as I expected. Or maybe it was because I don't really like taking photos in the beach. I didn't see any 'wow' thing from that place. We just sat for a while and had some coffee there. There's nothing special. Nothing I can write about it here.

When we were on our way back from Pelabuhan Ratu, it was a bit traffic on the highway. Then, after a few miles, we saw a broken car and a dying (or dead) man lying next to it. His body was bloodstained, and his face was a bit ruined. It was dark so I couldn't see it clearly. But there was an ambulance there. I was shocked. It was the first time I saw a real accident. I mean, a real accident, with a dying or dead person covered with blood. If I'm not mistaken, I think I also saw his legs broken. Terrible accident.

Anyway, I've just finished reading 'Knife Edge' today. It was quite thrilling. I love it. And yesterday I went to Lippo Karawaci with my family. We visited Times bookstore. So I bought a book there. It's called 'For One More Day', written by Mitch Albom, the author of 'Tuesdays With Morrie'. I just started reading about 30 pages today. It was very nice :)

I think it's enough for today. I need a good sleep.
Bye folks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Main Topic: Death Part Two

Today I went to Bogor to visit a friend of my dad's. Yea it was a bit traffic. And the thing is, I wasn't sleepy at all. My friends were busy with their own so I've got nothing to do with my cell phone. It was damn cold in the car. We were listening to The Banery's songs and also some oldies. We were quiet. My mom and bro were asleep.

So, I was just swimming in my imagination. Taking each breath then it was exhaled in my imagination. Every breath brought me to my deeper imagination. Suddenly my heart started to beat faster, faster, and faster. I was almost out of breath. It was damn tough. It was too difficult to breathe. My lungs were full of smoke. Damn. I didn't feel alive in reality. My imagination. I started to muse. It was just me, and the world inside me. Hello, weirdo. Bye bye reality, I'll be right back.

I think it's time to write about my thoughts.
I imagined the death. The death of me. The death of someone like me. Will it be tragic? Will people cry? Will people miss me? Okay. These days I am really into that topic. I often think to myself about my death. I want to find out about it. Oh man I just can't stop thinking about it.

And my worries are, will people miss me? Or they'll forget me? That simple?
These things just came to my mind when I was down. I've figured everything out. About how I'll die, how people see me for the last time, how my funeral will be like. I was just thinking about it. It was like a wedding plan. But this is about death, much different than the wedding.

It reminded me of someone I know. Call her A, she's around 40. Okay, so A is having a brain cancer. It's sad. I feel sorry for her. Her friends usually visit her in the hospital. She looks happy, so happy. She doesn't look like dying or something. She doesn't look agonized. She's happy. Her face is still pretty. She doesn't look pale at all. She looks like a healthy person.

But unfortunately, her hair is no longer there. She is bald.
It was because the chemo. And chemo is not really a good way though.
She is rich, very rich. But sadly, she has no family to be with her, to love her, to care about her.
I know she feels lonely. She isn't happy.
She is not happy at all. She must be.
The doctor said she only had one year left. One year left?
Yeah, one year left. To live. One year left to live.

One day, a catholic priest (and anyway A is a Buddhist) came to visit her in the hospital. He shook her hand, and held it for a second. Then he stared at her eyes.
The priest said to one of A's friends, "although she looks very and she always laughs with all of you, her heart was cut into pieces. She is broken."

Yes, the thing is, cancer is that bad. But those people are tough. People with cancer still look happy although they're bald because of the chemo. People with cancer still smile although the pain is there, agonizing and killing them. People with cancer still laugh although they know when they will die.

Sometimes, I think about it till I feel asleep. I can't take it out of my mind.

Belakangan Ini...

Teman-teman pada ke mana liburan?
Pergi yuk, kangeeen banget.
Pengen ketawa-ketawa sampe nangis, pengen jalan-jalan, pengen becanda, ngobrol.

Gue pengen sedikit cerita tentang cita-cita gue. Hahaha. Bukan cita-cita juga sih. Tapi dulu gue pernah obsesi punya band yang seru. Yang mengusung genre yang agak 'lompat-lompat'. Ngerti nggak sih. Maksud gue, yang lagunya seru gitu lah. Gue suka garage rock. Tapi ini cuma harapan gue doang sih. Nggak bisa dipaksain juga hahaha. Harapan gue itu sempet gue lupain. Gue enjoy-enjoy aja dengan apa yang udah gue punya sekarang. Tapi belakangan ini gue kayak mulai mikirin itu lagi. Gue pengen lebih mengembangkan kemampuan gue. Dan, errr, punya band dengan genre yang gue suka itu. Hahaha. Tapi nggak tau deh, kayaknya gue cuma mimpi doang. Susah. Emang udah takdirnya begini. Hahahahaha.

Oia, selamat Idul Fitri 1430 H buat yang ngerayain. Mohon maaf lahir batin yaaa :)
Ketupat di rumah gue enak banget loh. Gue udah makan 3 kali, agak bosen jugaaa -__-

Anyway, gue lagi pengen banget nonton The Pick of Destiny. Filmnya Tenacious D. Hahaha ada Jack Black, pasti kocak deh. Terus juga keliatannya bagus gitu. Emang film lama sih, gue aja yang telat. Terus, gue juga pengen nonton film Footloose. Ini juga. Film jaduuuuuul banget banget, tahun 1984. Haha. Selain itu, gue juga pengen nonton film Saturday Night Fever. Ini juga jadul, filmnya John Travolta tahun 1977. Gue liat trailernya Footloose dan Saturday Night Fever pas lagi nonton filmnya Elvis (Fun in Acapulco tahun 1963 lebih jadul lagi). Hahaha. Oke deh ini nggak penting banget. Postingan paling nggak penting dan aneh hahaha.

Belakangan ini gue makin sering promosi lagu. Promosi band-band yang gue suka ke orang lain, ke temen-temen gue. Apalagi kalo di msn tuh. Sering banget gue kirim-kirim lagu ke temen-temen, hahahaha. Maaf ya. Nggak tau kenapa gue seneng aja orang-orang denger band yang enak. Hehe. Bukannya maksa juga sih ya, haha.

Oke, belakangan ini, postingan gue nggak penting dan aneh.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rasta Rasta

Steven & The Coconut Treez

Tony Q Rastafara

alm. Mbah Surip

and finally, Bob Marley

I have to admit, I like reggae. Hahaha. Their songs are simple, relaxing, and sometimes funny. I always love the rhythm of the guitar. You can enjoy their songs by nodding your head (it's not like enjoying the club or trance music). I can't explain it. Bob Marley (as a Jamaican) had done a great job on his music :) Lots of people love him, including me.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yeah, second post for today. Hahaha.

On Wednesday I worked on my art project. I was bored and tired. My back hurt. Haha, so I just took some pictures :) I love photography, I really do. Hahahaha.

sort of evil

And that day I was so desperate. I was missing junior high school so much. So I took these photos.
i want to wear blue and also kemeja yang ada lipetannya

i won't forget you guys. i won't be able to forget.

I don't know whether there will be another post for today or not. Hahaha.
Anyway folks, you should watch these music videos:
The Vines - Ride
The Vines - Anysound
The Vines - Outtathaway (live)
The Banery - Romee
The Ramones - Rock 'n Roll High School

bye folks, tc :)

Nggak Liburan Aja Udah Rajin

Heeey folks! Gue minta maaf buat postingan-postingan rubbish kemaren. Gue tau itu nggak guna banget dan nggak seharusnya gue tulis. Yang ada orang-orang malah males mampir ke blog gue. Hehehe. Maaf yaaaa :)

Hari ini baru dibagiin rapot mid semester. Hmm gitu deh hasilnya. Ada yang nggak gue sangka. Tapi oke lah, nggak jelek-jelek banget buat permulaan. Gue cuma perlu menambah semangat belajar dan partisipasi di sekolah haha. Mulai lebai. Iya tapi bener sih, kayaknya gue emang perlu lebih semangat belajar lagi biar nilai-nilai gue okeee :) Dan besok, sampe tanggal 27 September kita libur. Iya, walaupun cuma seminggu gue bilang itu udah lumayan deh. Total refreshment. Gue pengen jalan-jalan sama temen-temen, keluarga, dan cari waktu buat introspeksi diri. Wets, bukannya sok gitu juga sih. Maksud gue, cari waktu buat diri gue sendiri. Buat mikir. Mikirin hidup. Iya stop dan, jangan berpuitis-ria.

Eia, sebenernya gue punya 1 topik buat ditulis di postingan kali ini. Gue janji nggak nulis terlalu banyak hehehe. Gue cuma pengen nulis tentang sahabat. Banyak banget temen gue yang cerita-cerita tentang teman, sahabat, gitu lah. Topik-topik yang selama ini jarang banget gue peduliin. Gue juga jadi inget obrolan gue dengan salah satu temen gue. Karena gue nggak pengen nulis panjang-panjang, gue tulis intinya aja ya. Menurut gue, sahabat kita nggak akan pernah jauh dan nggak akan pernah lupain kita, apalagi ninggalin kita. Kalo mereka deket sama temen-temen baru, punya temen baru, peduli sama temen-temennya selain kita, berarti dia orang hebat. Dan kita salah satu 'temen-temennya' yang beruntung itu. Sahabat kita itu berarti orang hebat, kita harusnya bangga. Karena dia orang yang baik, bisa peduli sama banyak orang. Dan mungkin ada orang yang lebih membutuhkan teman dibanding kita. Percaya aja, sahabat kita nggak bakalan lupain kita, apalagi mengabaikan kita. Mereka pasti peduli kok :) Kadang-kadang gue ngerasa topik ini berlebihan, tapi emang kenyataannya gini sih ya.
In this topic: Maria Jessica Hertania

Kayaknya ntar gue bakal ngepost ini itu lagi. Yaa, selama liburan, mungkin gue bakal lebih rajin ngeblog. Ckck, nggak liburan aja rajin apalagi liburan. Hahaha. Oke deh bye (gaya Tannia Meyana hahaha).
Ily friends, tc :) Happy holiday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

kacau banget ya gila

ini postingan paling kacau. postingan paling nggak pake otak. nggak pake huruf besar di awal kalimat. judul nggak mikir. nggak jelas ngomongin apaan. bodo. bodo. terserah lo semua mau komentar apa. hari ini capek banget. capek semuanya. punggung gue sakit. kepala gue sakit. mata gue berat. lemes, mati aja sekalian lo.

hari ini gue kacau banget banget. gue sedih ngeliat perubahan. sedih. kesel. nggak tau lagi deh gue. suasana di mana pun nggak enak. di mana pun. ya tuhan, gue pengen marah. boleh nggak sih? gue cuma capek. gue cuma pengen ngeluarin semua yang ada di pikiran dan di hati gue. gue belom bisa tenang. gue butuh sandaran.

tapi, gue coba bersyukur hari ini. gue punya sesuatu yang bisa menolong gue. kalo gue cuma sendiri, gue bisa gila. maaf postingannya kacau banget. tapi gue cuma pengen nulis. nulis perasaan kuat yang lagi gue rasain. gue cuma pengen tenang.



Can we ask for a break in life?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I can't breath
I need you so much
I've been calling out your name for an hour
Screaming at the top of my lungs
But you heard nothing
You just walked away
You left me alone
And now it's my weakness

I can't breath
I can't breath

Only For 20K :)

Yes I bought it in Brightspot (Aksara books sale) for only 20k.
An old book. I'm still reading, it's a great page-turner. I'll write about it again after I finish :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When We Were About To Go

So when me and my mom were about to leave Aksara, we heard a jazzy band playing. It was nice, so we decided to stay a little longer.

It was Tika & the Dissidents. Another indie band, with a different genre from The Banery. Totally different. They're great. Whoa. I love them.

Anyway, the lead vocalist looks like Greta (a friend of mine). Hahaha :)

sorry, the pics aren't really good
i don't know what's going on with my camera :(


Today I went out with mom. It was fun. First I asked my mom to visit Brightspot in Grand Indonesia, and she's so lucky. She found a nice bag there. Me? I found nothing. I was so confused. It was just too fashionable for me. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Aksara Kemang to watch The Banery. Oh man they performed great, I love them! They played some of their songs, and also 2 Beatles' songs ('Roll Over Beethoven' and 'Twist and Shout').

So I took some pictures :)

It's Rafli's bass, dasi kupu-kupu!

It's Yudhi, the rhythm guitarist, and he sings too

Egi (lead guitarist and vocal), and Rafli

Yudhi and Egi

It's Oddo on keyboard
Unfortunately, I didn't have any chance to take any pic of Adam (drum)

I bought these stuffs :) Hurray! (Janji Pasti by The Banery)

And actually there was another band, called Tika and the Dissidents. I'll write about it on my next post. Anyway, mom was cool. Tons of thanks for today, ily ;)

sorry, the pics aren't really good
i don't know what's going on with my camera :(


I have some best friends
One is the best of them
Best of best friends
We care each other
We love to share stories
I trust her, and so does she
But now it's a bit different
There are no times for us to share
No more
I miss those times
I want to share my life
And I want to hear hers too
I miss my best friend
I really do

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It Was Like Fooling Around, But It Wasn't

Abis selesai mid (hore selesai haha), gue dan Meli pergi photo-hunting ke Monas. Sayang banget yang lain pada nggak bisa ikut, padahal seru banget. Walaupun ada suatu kebegoan. Hahaha.

So we were looking for the entrance. We looked around us but, no signs. Then we walked around Monas. Dan ternyata setelah muterin monas, pintu masuknya ada di seberang tempat kita semula! Bodohnya. Hahaha.

Here some photos (nggak urut, maaf hehe):

ini dari puncak monasnya, asik banget

ada relief-relief gitu. dan ini yang paling gue suka, haha

oia, dari tempat parkir, kita naik kereta ini. jadi ngerasa kayak turis, haha.

ini di ruang kemerdekaan, gue suka banget. deg-degan liatnya.

"mel, angkat monasnya gih," kata dania
"aaaarghh, berat dan monasnya!"
oke agak bodoh haha

lost in jakarta

foto capung yang gagal :(

ini di puncak monas. anginnya lebai, sampe kayak gitu. terus kalo kita lagi jalan, kerasa kayak kedorong gitu. lebai banget hahaha.

ini silau banget, jadi gitu deh

favorit gue :)

Seru banget, gue seneng liat foto-fotonya. Hehe. Walaupun capek dan panaaaaaaaaas banget. Maaf ya gue agak norak. Soalnya ini pertama kali gue masuk Monas! Hahaha aneh banget ya gue, udah hidup selama 15 tahun di Jakarta, baru sekarang ke Monas. Haha.

Abis dari Monas, gue sama Meli ke Grand Indonesia. Liat Brightspot. Gue beli 1 buku Aksara yang diskon, harganya 20 ribu. Oke banget. Haha. Baju-bajunya juga bagus. Udah sih gitu doang. Bingung jelasinnya haha.

Anyway I'm planning to travel around Jakarta next week (lebaran holiday). I mean, it's like hanging around Jakarta, and I want to travel by busway. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sumpah Ya Gue Laper

salmon is addictive
an expensive addiction

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I feel so lucky to have them all
Thank you for supporting me these days
I hope I'll be able to get through these tough things

Thank you for keeping me alive
I don't know what it's going to be like if living is without you, guys

I love you so much pals
Take care :)

Anyway friends, I really expect some comments from you.
Thank you.

Main Topic: Death

Belakangan ini gue lagi suka baca blognya Raditya Dika. Isinya bagus-bagus. Haha baru nyadar sekarang gitu. Maksud gue, Radith (sebagai penulis komedi) bisa menuangkan pikiran-pikirannya dalam tulisan yang nggak cuma lucu aja. Kayak di postingan gue sebelum-sebelumnya, yang judulnya 'Comedians Aren't Just Into Jokes'. Di situ gue masukin link salah satu postingan Radith di blognya. Bagus deh, dia nulis tentang perasaan paling kuat yang lagi dia rasain: cinta. Dia juga nggak basa-basi berlebai-lebaian gitu. Pokoknya bagus lah.

Nah, kemaren gue baru baca postingan dia lagi, yang judulnya 'After The Funeral'. Postingannya udah lumayan lama, dari Agustus gitu. Mungkin gue aja yang telat, baru baca kemaren hahaha. Di situ Radith nulis tentang pemakaman temennya. Bagus banget. Dia ngomongin tentang kematian juga. Dan kebetulan, hari itu gue sempet ngomongin masalah kematian sama salah satu temen gue. Nggak kompleks, tapi dari kemaren gue jadi kepikiran buat ngeblog soal kematian. Terinspirasi dari obrolan gue sama temen gue itu, dan postingannya Radith.

Kata Radith, "kadang gue ngerasa, kematian itu topik yang sensitif untuk kita." Gue cukup setuju. Mungkin bagi sebagian kecil orang, topik kematian itu menarik, atau biasa aja. Tapi ada sekelompok orang yang merasa topik kematian itu adalah topik yang menyeramkan, nggak penting, atau bodoh. Kalau menurut gue sendiri, kematian itu topik yang menarik banget untuk dibicarain. Tapi tergantung dari mana kita ngomongin kematian itu. Apakah tentang bunuh diri, kematian karena tua, karena sakit, kecelakaan, atau apa? Ngomongin kematian kadang-kadang juga bisa berpengaruh sama pola pikir kita dan cara kita memandang kematian itu sendiri.

Menurut pandangan gue, kematian itu bisa jadi buruk. Karena kita meninggalkan orang yang kita sayang dan sayang sama kita. Dan kita juga ninggalin dunia yang berwarna-warni. Kita punya dunia baru. Tapi, kematian itu juga bisa jadi sesuatu yang indah. Kalo kita ngerasa hidup kita sulit, semuanya akan hilang saat kematian itu dateng. Semua rasa sakit nggak akan kerasa lagi saat kita mati.

Kadang-kadang manusia itu terlalu sibuk sama dunianya masing-masing sehingga kesannya ngelupain adanya kematian. Kayak yang ditulis Raditya Dika, gue juga setuju banget. Kadang-kadang kita cuek dengan kematian. Kita nggak sadar kalau setiap detik yang kita lewati, semakin mendekatkan kita sama kematian. Kita nggak peduli dengan hidup yang kita lalui hari ini. Apakah itu baik atau buruk, bodo amat aja. Kenapa? Karena kita nggak peduli sama kematian. Karena kita nggak nyadar, kalo kematian itu bisa datang kapan aja. Bisa aja kan, sekarang gue lagi ngeblog terus tiba-tiba gue pingsan terus mati? Iya rada nggak masuk akal, tapi bisa aja kan? Who knows?
Gue nemu satu quote: No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow (by Euripides). Bener banget. Nggak ada yang bisa. Dan nggak ada yang tau.

Gue sadar. Selama kita masih punya hidup, kita harus selalu ngisi hidup kita itu dengan hal-hal yang berharga, dan nggak akan mati begitu aja (Radith nyinggung sedikit tentang ini di akhir postingannya). Walaupun kita masih muda (bagi yang masih muda hehe), kita nggak bisa nolak kematian itu. Kematian itu bisa dateng kapan aja, di usia berapa aja. Gue jadi inget salah satu alm. temen gue. Namanya Abraham, dia temen SD gue. Dia meninggal 2 atau 3 tahun lalu (gue agak lupa), gara-gara sakit komplikasi. Jujur, sampe beberapa bulan, gue masih nggak percaya. Gue masih nggak nyangka dia dipanggil Tuhan secepat itu. Gue masih nggak percaya Tuhan bisa ngambil nyawa temen gue yang masih 13 tahun waktu itu. Gue shock banget banget. Tapi itu kenyataan. Dan kembali lagi, nggak ada yang tau. Makanya, gue ngerasa, kita harus kayak 'siap-siap', kalau sewaktu-waktu kematian itu dateng. Kita nggak bisa menolak. Kita akan 'terus hidup' kalo udah melakukan sesuatu yang meaningful atau berharga dalam hidup.

Oh iya, sedikit menyinggung tentang suicide. Pernah nggak sih lo bener-bener mikir (dengan serius) buat bunuh diri? Hmm, mungkin pernah. Gue sendiri pernah. Gue pernah ngerasa hidup gue udah nggak ada gunanya lagi. If someone brought me to the top of the tallest building in this city that day, I would jump from that height. Iya, gue bakal lompat. Tapi untungnya nggak ada yang bawa gue ke atas gedung waktu itu. Yang ada di pikiran waktu itu, hidup itu buruk. Dan akan selalu buruk. Padahal gue nggak tau, apa yang akan terjadi berikutnya. Pikiran gue sempit waktu itu.

Yang gue rasa sekarang, bunuh diri adalah hal yang salah banget. Kalo lo bunuh diri, berarti lo menolak hidup yang indah. Lo bilang 'no thanks' pada hidup yang warna-warninya mungkin nggak gitu keliatan, yang mungkin indahnya nggak pernah lo bayangin. Intinya, lo nggak tau kalo hidup itu bakal indah. Yang ada di pikiran lo, cuma hidup yang buruk, yang pahit. Think twice before you commit suicide. Yang pertama, pikirin orang-orang di sekitar lo. Kedua, pikirin masa depan, selama kita masih punya kesempatan itu. Kematian itu akan dateng dengan sendirinya, nggak usah dibuat.

Ada satu bagian dari postingan Radith yang gue suka banget. Itu tentang pemakaman. Dia mempertanyakan gimana pemakaman dia nanti. Tiba-tiba itu juga jadi pertanyaan buat gue. Gimana ya pemakaman gue nanti? Apa orang-orang akan nangis? Apa yang mereka omongin tentang gue? Gue pengen tau. Banget. Dan satu pertanyaan yang cukup dalem, apa mereka akan merasa kehilangan?

Jawabannya, pasti. Kehilangan. Jangan pikir nggak ada orang yang peduli sama kita. Jangan pikir nggak ada orang yang sayang sama kita. Masalahnya, rasa sayang itu emang mungkin nggak keliatan. Tapi, kematian itu sesuatu yang abadi. Maksud gue, kematian itu udah ujung dari semuanya. Ujung dari hidup. Meskipun orang mati itu masih punya hidup di alam barunya sana, tapi kematian udah nggak berhubungan sama dunia lagi. Jadi kalo kita mati, bakal banyak orang yang sedih, yang mungkin kadang-kadang bakal kangen sama kita. Walaupun kita udah 10 tahun meninggal. Kembali lagi ke hidup kita sekarang. Kalo kita udah melakukan sesuatu yang meaningful dalam hidup, dan meaningful buat orang lain, kita nggak akan dilupain. Sesuatu yang meaningful itu akan selalu hidup, cuma kita aja yang mati.

PS: these are my thoughts. take it easy :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i am out of tears

Dania Semangat Ya

Oke hari ini hari keempat ulangan mid semester dari Jumat lalu. So far so good (?), nggak juga. Geografi gue ancur. Ya susah sih, yang lain juga pada bilang nggak bisa. Hari ini ulangan penjaskes dan fisika. Fisika oke lah, walaupun PGnya gue rada-rada ngaco. Penjaskes? Haha esainya sih gue ngarang banget ya. Kan ada satu nomer yang disuru jelasin tentang cara start jongkok. Nah gue rada lupa gimana posisi awal start jongkok. Tadinya gue udah mau izin ke toilet. Biar ntar di toilet gue bisa nyoba-nyoba start jongkok gitu hahaha. Tapi nggak jadi sih. Akhirnya gue memanfaatkan imajinasi gue deh, wakaka. Gue liat anak-anak juga kayak lagi ngebayangin gerakan-gerakan gitu buat isi esay. Ada soal cara roll depan dan belakang juga. Haha rada bego deh.

Besok gue ulangan TIK dan Ekonomi. Hmm dan ekonomi kan digabung sama akuntansi. Takut sih lumayan. Tapi gue harus bisa, biar nilai IPS gue bagus-bagus. Geografi kemaren udah jelek. Aargh. Hahaha IPS :) Semoga kita bisa, semangat ya semua!

Dan hari ini. Gue ngerasa agak kacau. Pulang sekolah, gue jalan sambil nunduk, madesu gitu keluar lorong. Sendirian. Oke nggak penting banget. Gue butuh semangat. Dan hari ini gue kayak lemes banget gitu. Mungkin karena capek dan kurang tidur. Tapi nggak tau deh. I need a companion aja. Kangen temen-temen. Pengen ngobrol-ngobrol bareng, becanda sampe gila, ketawa sampe nangis. Gue pengen cepet-cepet selesai minggu ini. Pengen balik ke rutinitas sehari-hari, menyibukkan diri. Sampai gue lupa sama hal-hal yang belakangan ini mengganggu konsentrasi gue. Gue mau fokus sama beberapa hal yang emang penting dan harus gue fokusin. Dan gue harus bisa.

Dania semangat ya. Hahaha aneh banget sih gue nyemangatin diri gue sendiri hahahahaha bodoh.

Monday, September 7, 2009

They're From The States, Right? NO!

They're from Australia
But it doesn't matter, the thing is:

They're called

A garage rock band from Australia
They sound fabulous

And the rockers are:

Craig Nicholls (vocalist and lead guitarist)
Ryan Griffiths (rhythm guitarist)
Brad Heald (bassist)
Hammish Rosser (drummer)

It's Craig Nicholls
He always performs crazily (I don't think 'crazy' fits enough, but I can't find any other adjectives)

Wanna hear they rock?
Visit The Vines on myspace
My favorite tracks: Ride, Get Free (you can find it in 4shared), He's a Rocker, and Get Out

Actually I've known them for 2 years, but I forgot to promote them here. Heheee enjoy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hari ini gue udah ngepost 4 kali. I couldn't say how addictive blogs are. Whoa.

Sebenernya gue harus belajar geografi. Tapi dari tadi gue nggak bisa serius. Pikiran gue kemana-mana terus. Aduh bingung deh. Padahal tadinya hari ini gue berencana mau nyicil penjaskes. Aaarrgh, gimana dong hahaha. Oke gue nggak mau pusing. Gue harus berkomitmen. Sekarang jam 5. Nanti jam setengah 6 (ngaret-ngaret jam 6), gue harus lanjutin belajar geografi dengan serius. HARUS! :)

Kadang-kadang gue suka ngelamun (sering sih). Berkhayal gitu deh. Gue sering mikir aneh-aneh, yang nggak masuk akal. Tapi mungkin yang ini termasuk tingkat rendah. Menurut gue sih ya, rendah. Lebai, tapi masih lumayan masuk akal. Hahaha.
Gue pernah berkhayal punya semacem indra keenam gitu. Hmm mungkin dalam konteks ini bukan indra keenam sih namanya. Kayak ability buat ngeliat kepribadian seseorang gitu. Kadang-kadang gue pengen bisa ngeliat kepribadian orang dengan mudah, dengan hanya ngeliat wajahnya atau cara ngomongnya doang. Gue pengen bisa tau perasaan orang. Entah itu dia lagi seneng, sedih, takut, cemas, atau jatuh cinta sekali pun. Gue juga pengen bisa tau masalah mereka masing-masing. Masalah yang mungkin bikin mereka capek, bikin mereka nangis, bikin mereka sakit, bikin mereka males, atau lainnya. Gue pengen bisa tau cerita hidup mereka masing-masing, tanpa menanyakannya secara langsung. Gue pengen bisa memahami mereka. Gue pengen punya kemampuan itu.

Mungkin, dengan kemampuan itu, gue bisa mencoba menolong orang-orang di sekitar gue. Orang-orang yang sedih, yang stres, yang depresi, yang ngerasa sendirian. Dan gue juga berharap punya hati yang sabar. Gue berharap bisa bantu orang-orang yang terjebak dalam keterpurukkan. Kayak gue dibantu waktu dulu.

You might think I am a hypocrite.
Itu cuma khayalan.

Anyway, there are some people who inspired me to write these thoughts.

You Are My Caffeine

And I am addicted to caffeine