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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, I've told you. My favorite is Switzerland.
So I went to Zurich, Luzern, and Geneva.

Here ;)
Chapel Bridge, Luzern

i love walking there (i guess this one was taken in Zurich)

indonesian! :)

Mount Titlis, Engelberg. Snow all over the year :)

Wassertaxi in Zurich

the cruise


Someday I'll come for you again. Sweetzerland ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

You And Me, Up There


taken by me (again, forgot the watermark)
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deutschland Uber Alles!

Here are some videos I've mentioned before. Recorded in Dusseldorf, Germany, after they defeated England 4-1.

We Are (All) The Champions

Well, these are some photos I took in Europe during my stay there. Actually I also recorded some cool videos. Yeah, just wait :)
Like I said before, we can truly feel the spirit of world cup here. People wearing flags around their waist, singing ole ole, screaming for their countries, and all that stuff. Yeah, it's because we're Indonesians and our national team didn't play in world cup.

I was in Germany when they defeated Ghana 1-0, and also England 4-1.

These two here were taken after the match vs England.

Oh, during the exchange program, we also had some spare time that we could spend with our hosts. So we went to the public viewing for the match vs Ghana. The match wasn't very interesting, but.. that day was for Deutschland.
Above is my photo with Satoshi, my host

And this one is with Claresta and her host, Julia

Well, I was traveling around with my mom and brother. So the photo below was taken in Lucerne, Switzerland. Luckily we could still watch football (wherever we want, yea that's serious). The funny thing was that I was supporting Germany and my brother went for Argentina.

And also, that day was for Germany.
Anyway, I bought the shirt in Dusseldorf. Well it should've been Germany vs Argentina that day. Hahaha

Yea I was like.. homesick (a lil' bit) when I was in Europe. The trip was tiring, but it was wonderful. And now, I am missing Europe very bad. I wish to fly back, but that's impossible. Hahahahaha. I just realized how great Europe is. Unfortunately, we also missed the final. We were in the plane -_-

And here, it's The Netherlands. I forgot where it was taken, but it wasn't in Netherlands.

Congratulations, Spain is the champion. But, watching all of the teams struggling, they are (all) the champions, I suppose :) And Germany got the 3rd place, it wasn't bad (Y)

OH NO I forgot to add watermarks on the photo I took. Perhaps it was because I didn't use my SLR. Boo it's bad.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking About Getting Back

Guys, I fell in love with Europe. Seriously. It's like.. I want to go back, and stay there. I just went out today and I've found a reason why I really wish to move out. Well I won't write it here.

So, before, I just have to apologize for a very late update. I lost my laptop several weeks ago, it means that I also lost all my programs (and files). It sucks, and I have to use my mom's pc if I want to update my blog with photos (now I'm using my dad's laptop which has no picture-editing program and which is quite sad). But I promise, within this week I'll write at least.. 2 posts. Just, keep visiting my blog! :)

According to the title, you've probably guessed what's on my mind. Yes, I am missing Europe. I'm thinking about getting back someday. I mean, I really want to travel around there again. Well, my favorite is Germany and Switzerland. And I wish.. to go to Germany for university. I love the places there, the people, the languages, the streets, the trains, and everything. Oh man, I wanna live there (sounds too much).

Okay, I just came home 3 days ago. I guess it's not the right time to think about flying back to Europe.
Oh, and about the student-exchange program, my host (from Germany) won't be able to come to Jakarta because of an illness (which is quite terrible, I suppose). It's too bad because I will not have anyone staying in my house during the program.

Anyway, I met some friends today. We had lunch, and did some karaoke. It was fun, but unfortunately it was only for a few hours. But the good thing was I met Iguana afterward. And today I just realized how lucky I am. I am blessed, seriously.

well, never mind. sorry :p

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Fell In Love With Europe, Finally

Düsseldorf, Germany
oln, Germany
Essen, Germany
München, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
St. Gilgen, Austria
ürich, Switzerland
Luzern, Switzerland
Engelberg, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
Houten, Netherlands
Volendam, Netherlands
Didam, Netherlands
then back to D
üsseldorf, Germany

and it ended on the 11th of July 2010
back to Jakarta, Indonesia.
Anyway, the spirit of world cup was there. It was awesome.

Photos, words, videos, stories, and things are going to be posted soon! I promise.

List of updates (please remind me, and keep visiting my blog):
-The spirit of FIFA World Cup 2010
-Student Exchange Program in Dusseldorf
-Eurotrip June-July 2010
-How we met wonderful people
-and, so on.