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It happens in reality. It really does.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let Me Start It Now

Old Town Square, Prague

12th of June '11 - 29th of June '11
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Didam, The Netherlands
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic
Lucerne, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Engelberg, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy
Then back to Jakarta.

I spent 17 days in Europe with my family this summer. It's almost the same like I had last year, but this time we were all there. Me, my mother, my beloved brothers, and.. my father. This might be the best holiday I've ever had in my life. And oh, we didn't take the tour, well same like last year. And it was fabulous.

You guys better visit my blog more often. Because I've got tons of pics to share here! Just be patient, and please wait for it ;) You'll see.

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Evelyn Faustina said...

DAAAN! upload foto2 nya :D